Welcome to the Kingdom Woman Rise Community

Praise God that you are here! Welcome to the Kingdom Woman Rise (KWR) Community.

Why the Kingdom Woman Rise Ministry Exist

When God calls you to the Ministry there is a mission that He wants you to lead. Kingdom Woman Rise exist to carryout a mission.

Kingdom Woman Rise is a Ministry with an exclusive mission to teach biblical truth, engage in the discipleship of women into the Kingdom of God.

We do this by providing a community of fellowship so that women can row in their Kingdom walk, on purpose with clarity and bold authority. While using their God-given gifts here on Earth to further the Kingdom of God.  

In addition our Ministry has a mission of giving to the poor, fighting human trafficking, child hunger and being a witness and bringing the Gospel to the nations and to non-believers (everyone is welcome). 

A little About Shayla C. Smart

Wife, HomeSchool-MomX2, Bible Teacher, Newly Vegan

I am Expecting a Real Life Miracle!
I am Praying About Everything!


Trust God and Lead with Love!



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