This blog post is a little bit different. As I was putting together my bio for Clubhouse (a new audio social app) I decided to share my testimony based on a general timeline of events. The purpose is to share with others what I have overcome with Jesus leading my life.

What I have survived that should have killed me when I could not humanly fathom the brighter side of the pain. BUT GOD!

Get to know me

The number one thing to know about me is….

I love Jesus more than anything!❀️

Wife. Mom. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Business Owner. Problem-Solver & Idea Curator. Lifestyle and Legacy seeking. 

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Teaching Women how to build successful community in Ministry. How to Start and Grow their Online Business & how to live a fulfilled Lifestyle all God’s way for the Kingdom.Β 

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I share my day to day life journey as wife and mom, how to in Entrepreneurship, Womanhood, being newly Vegan, a Working-Student. Debt payoff & Saving money. Ministry growth, Goal conquering, and Traveling. And Creating Memories, Lifestyle & Legacy. Basically I am journaling my life for generations to come. πŸ˜‚

πŸ‘‰Β I am so excited to meet you and to share my God given gifts with you for the betterment of the Kingdom. Let’s do this!

πŸ‘‰I lead with love and tell the truth that’s often uncomfortable.Β 

🧑 “Don’t choose to be offended by my words. Decide to do better by God’s word.” ~Shayla

⭐️ My Testimony ⭐️ via a Timeline of Things that have shaped my life


Rape (at 5)☹️

My Grandmother raising me (RIH)πŸ₯°

Growing up in the ChurchΒ πŸ™

Dedicating my life to God πŸ˜‡

Building a relationship with Jesus❀️

Moving from Hometown to big city (at 16)😬

Toxic-Manipulative RelationshipπŸ‘Ž

Getting my GED

Rededicating my life to God & JesusπŸ™Œ

Getting Married (almost 16 yrs now)😘

Having 2 kidsπŸ₯°

Writing my first book (Amazon) βœοΈ 

Starting my 1st online business 2011 πŸ’° 

Starting YouTube πŸŽ‰ 

Moving States with $1400 & hopes πŸ˜³

Nursing School app rejected πŸ˜₯

Losing 7 day old son Jeremiah. (RIH)πŸ’š

Being Consistent with life goals πŸ’―

Hearing Gods voice regarding Social Media and a new BusinessπŸ‘‚

Deciding to Homeschool our 2 kidsπŸ‘©

Helping Hundreds of Women successfully start online businessesΒ πŸ™Œ

Earning 6-figures in 5 months in new online business 2016Β πŸ‘

Investing $$ in CoachesπŸ€‘

Traveling fulltime for 9 months w/family on business income. πŸ˜― 

Being cursed by someone I trusted under witchcraft πŸ₯΄

Losing my entire online business 2018😩

Going through Spiritual Deliverance for months πŸ₯Ί

Traveling Internationally w/family for 3 months South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, China πŸ˜

Becoming an employee…againπŸ€”

Applying for nursing school again-it was a no πŸ˜©

Eliminating debt/repairing credit πŸ†˜

Starting an online business again βœ…

Rededicating my business & lifestyle to Jesus.Β πŸ™Œ

Launching the KWR BlogΒ πŸ’»Β 

Becoming a Licensed as a MinisterΒ πŸ“œΒ 

Traveling during a Pandemic w/kids βœˆοΈ 

Moving our family to a whole new State for nursing school πŸš˜ 

Being completely authentic and truthful about my life’s journey to help others πŸ’―

Applying for Nursing school again-in waiting βœ…

Joining TikTokΒ πŸ“±

Launching a Podcast (March 2021) 🎀 

Joining Clubhouse 3…2…1…

πŸ€— Thank you Jesus for helping me to have overcome the heart break and tragedy in my life shared above. Thank you Father God for allowing me to have amazing Wins & Life lessons along the way. 

My testimony continues and I am excited to see what more God has in store! 

~Trust God & Lead with Love 🧑



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