When God Calls You To The Ministry Kingdom Woman Rise
When God Calls You To The Ministry Kingdom Woman Rise

Wow! The fact that I am writing this first blog entry, says that when God calls you to the Ministry you have a choice to make. You can ignore it, push it down, doubt that it is really God or you can embrace that you can no longer continue life on my own accord.  

This last 2 ½ months (recently, it has been years of ongoing come to Jesus moments) of inner work, prayer, fasting and lots of tears (happy and at times tears of frustration.) These times have made it more clear to me that I am not my own.

Continuously trying to do things my way have felt only half way good. Serving as a temporary fix, but most of the time was just wasted time in getting to the ultimate Earthly-Kingdom focused plan that my Father in Heaven desires for me to carry out. 

It is only because of God that I exist. For all of the preceding facts and events and for God’s patience, unfailing love, surpassing peace, and tremendous Grace and new Mercies everyday. Lamentations 3:22-23

I am so grateful to have a Father who cares and loves me unconditionally.

What Ministry Has God Called You to…

What Ministry has God called you to
What Ministry has God called you to

As you are reading this blog post I want you to know that we are in this together.

By this I mean this Kingdom business. And by business I mean the work of introducing and discipling of more souls toward Christ. I love people, I love women and I love seeing people thrive in what God has called them to.

If you only knew what God wants to do in your life! He is doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:19 Wow, I am excited for you. God is calling you to something more where it concerns Him in your life.

This is the one question that you should be asking yourself daily.

What is that more for you? 

Praying more, reading your word and hiding it in your heart more, leaving that habitual sin, wholeheartedly claiming God unashamedly?  

Has God revealed the specific purpose for your Kingdom assignment, yet you’re a little too busy to yield to it. Or could it be that you have one foot into your assignment and one foot planted elsewhere?

Could there be somethings that you really don’t want to let go of to serve God fully? The Bible tells us to seek Him while He may still be found. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him. Isaiah 55:6-7

Whatever the truth about where you are in your obedience to God’s call on your life, (because we all have a call on our lives that is from God) it is time Kingdom Woman to Rise to your calling!

Your call may look very, very different from the call that God has given to me, or to your mother, your friend or those that you admire on social media and television. Remember that your call to the Ministry may be in a worldly sector (done for the Glory of the Kingdom) but it is still your Ministry assignment from God. 

Doing Ministry and Business God’s Way

Insight to Kingdom Woman Rise: . So let’s start with what my position in the KWR Ministry is and some of what you can come to expect as a part of the KWR community. 

What do I do for KWR? I am a Bible Teacher, Blogger and Disciple(r) of Women and Youtuber. I have also so decided on the topic for my Bible Study. This is something that I have wanted to create for a couple of years. I recently outlined my new eBook and it will be complete in the next 30 days.

In addition I am a wife, mom of two teen—homeschoolers (5 years strong) an author and more.

While yes, in name I own this blog, this piece of real estate on the internet, this ministry inspired business. However, I am very clear that it all belongs to God.  So I am more of a Co-Owner and manager of Kingdom Woman Rise (KWR), but God is the CEO.  

Unfortunately, I have tried to do business without God as the CEO and let me be very honest, it was a complete and utter disaster. That experience included a real life witch. It led to a path of complete destruction that took a very long year to get my life and sanity back on track. 

It was horrible and I will never (God help me) make the mistake of allowing anyone else to be an idol or any form of God in my life. (More on those past events in my soon to come “Doing Business God’s Way” post).

Why Kingdom Woman Rise Exist

When God calls you to the Ministry there is a mission that He wants you to lead. Kingdom Woman Rise exist to carryout a mission of discipling women and teaching them how to live a Kingdom centered lifestyle. All while pointing those I serve in Ministry back to God and the truth of His Word–the Bible. Ephesians 4:15

Nothing added nothing taken away. I speak the truth according to God’s infallible Word without compromise. Together we the goal is to create a culture of community and fellowship so that women can grow in their Kingdom purpose with clarity and bold authority. While using their God-given gifts here on Earth to further the Kingdom of God.  

In addition our Ministry has a mission of giving to the poor, fighting human trafficking, child hunger and being a witness and bringing the Gospel to the nations and to non-believers. (everyone is welcome) 

How our Ministry and Business Work Together

In fortifying this mission we have a business within our ministry. Our business revenue covers the cost of; web hosting, marketing and business supplies and tools, tech support, virtual assistants, hourly or salary compensation to our staff.

Gifts to our volunteers, ministry travel for conferences. As well as to lead, speak, train and teach both Kingdom truth and Business concepts.

Also mentorship and training for staff and volunteers, giving monetarily to the poor and organizations that do good, community member giveaways and more.

How the KWR Ministry Makes Money

We may receive monetary support via donations, affiliate links, the sale of books, bible studies templates, guides. We will also offer journals, worksheets, courses via audio and video other live and pre recorded training, memberships. Clothing items, jewelry, and other goods, paid advertising and promotional fees.

Along with speaking, training, mentorship, coaching clients and action based challenges and live and virtual conferences.  As well as other forms of payment. We are not a non-profit organization.

We are a business entity that has a niche’ that is a Ministry with a Kingdom focus. 

At KWR we are completely clear that in partnership with the advances above God is Jehovah Jireh and provides all provisions for this ministry to run and increase the Kingdom’s agenda. 

Please note that you are never obligated to purchase or donate anything. We share plenty of free resources and are constantly adding more. You can find our free resources on our resource page, throughout our blog post (which may contain affiliate links.

Please see our privacy policy and disclosures as well as on our YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, soon on our Podcast and on our one stop link for all things Kingdom Woman Rise. 

Learn More About the KWR Ministry and How to Support

To learn more about how you can support and be a part of the Kingdom Woman Rise Community visit go to https://linktr.ee/kingdomwomanrise 

To learn more about Shayla C Smart you can go ShaylaSmart.com for bio information. 

To learn more about what we believe visit our Homepage.


Trust God and Lead with Love!



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